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IT NEWSLETTER - Latest issue

on 06-05-2020

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A technological solution to boost apps performance

on 26-04-2020

... Codavel (formerly Streambolico, a spinn-off from the University of Porto and IT) has created a technological solution to improve mobile apps performance, allowing them to become faster and more robust to the inherent instability of wireless networks. This will help any company that wants to significantly improve the experience of its mobile users, since it makes data transfers 2 to 3 times faster than with the current solutions.

“Even if we build the perfect app, the final user experience is always dependent on network coverage. It is completely different to use an app using a WiFi connection, at home, or via 4G in a crowd, for example. Therefore, conversion, retention and even revenue generated by apps are all metrics that depend on something that companies don't control: wireless networks ”, explains Rui Costa, an IT alumni, co-founder of Streambolico and the current CEO of Codavel.

With this in mind, Codavel has developed a software (SDK) that is able to reduce between 20% and 80% the time that applications take to load content, making them more robust to the inherent instability of wireless networks and factors such as the user's location.

“Our software is able to do this through Bolina, a revolutionary communication protocol designed especially to deal with the instability of wireless networks”, says Rui Costa.

The Codavel SDK makes the user experience of the app similar regardless the network connection being used. Also, this improvement allows reducing the necessary infrastructure, which consequently leads to decrease in management costs.