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Power amplifiers for 5G communications

on 03-09-2017

... José Carlos Pedro presented on “90 Segundos de Ciência” the work that he and his team from IT in Aveiro, in collaboration with Ampleon, are developing in project HLPA2MIMO – Highly Linear Power Amplifier for Massive MIMO to produce new devices to be used in fifth generation mobile communications.

“Like with any one-to-many communications, for cellular communications to be both practical and operationally inexpensive, much of the technology needs to focus on the one, that is, on the transmitter and not on the receivers, in order to ensure they can be less expensive", says José Carlos Pedro. According to the researcher, by concentrating the technology on the transmitter it is possible to develop receivers, such as mobile phones, tablets, radios or televisions, with lower battery consumption, a smaller size, and at a lower production and selling cost.

Specialized in the production of transistors and communication systems, Ampleon contacted José Carlos Pedro and his team for a collaboration in the production of amplifiers for telecommunications of future fifth generation networks, which, according to the researcher, are expected to be operational within two to three years.

"We created a first project with Ampleon that targeted the fifth generation mobile communications, and now we are even discussing possibilities to extend our collaboration with them to other areas of research, more dedicated to the devices themselves, given that this first project was more dedicated to the application of the devices" he concludes.

Developed by IT with the support of Ampleon, HLPA2MIMO is a four-year project that started in 2016 and is expected to be completed by 2020.

IT comemorates its 25th anniversary on Techdays 2017

on 30-08-2017

... Celebrating this year its 25th anniversary, IT has decided to associate this emblematic date with one of the largest national technology forums – Techdays – that brings together the best of the R&D done in national centers, companies and public institutions.

With Techdays 2017 taking place this comming October 12-14 in Parque de Exposições de Aveiro, the comemorative session “IT 25 anos” will be held on October 12. The session will feature some highly recognized speakers from the fields of quantum communications to technological development, namely Martin Cooper, considered the "father" of the mobile phone, Arlene Harris - an entrepreneur with a history in the telecommunications world - and Upkar Dhaliwal, an entrepreneur and consultant in the area of wireless communications of the future. The forum will also be attended by Manuel Heitor, the Portuguese Minister of Science and Technology.

On the photo: IT stand during Techdays 2016