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“Outstanding Young Researcher” awards 2014

on 04-02-2015

... Daniel Corujo - “Outstanding Young Researcher” awards for 2014 from the IEEE ComSoc EMEA Region Committee, for his research activities in the fields of interest of ComSoc.
This prestigious yearly award honors researchers who have been very active in the IEEE through ComSoc publication and conference activities over the last three years.

''Exemplary Reviewer Award 2014''

on 01-01-2015

... Francisco Monteiro - "Exemplary Reviewer Award 2014 '', from the IEEE Wireless Communications Letters. (1st Quartile journal co-sponsored by the IEEE Communications Society, IEEE Signal Processing Society, and IEEE Vehicular Technology Society.) The award is given to the top 3% reviewers who have performed reviews considered by the associate editors as being relevant and timely reviews, consistently for a number of papers over the year 1/1/2015.