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Mobimedia 2010 – 6th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference

on 06-09-2010

... Mobimedia 2010 – 6th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference - was held in Lisbon, in September 2010 and provided an international forum for exchanging experiences, ideas, and research results surrounding all aspects on Future Internet and Green Communications for effective multimedia delivery. The conference was chaired by Dr. Jonathan Rodriguez, researcher at Instituto de Telecomunicações.

The conference technical sessions addressed today´s hot topics on 3D mobile ultimedia,covering the whole delivery chain from content capture, processing and coding, transmission, rendering and
user Quality of Experience, however, the technical program also adopted a multidisciplinary flavour where topics on future internet, and energy-efficient reconfigurable platforms were approached.

Furthermore a central theme to this conference is green communications, and the workshops on Energy Efficient Reconfigurable Transceivers (EERT) and C2POWER provided innovative insights on
power saving strategies and design recommendations for reconfigurable terminals of the future.

Title of ''Professor Emeritus'' awarded to Carlos Salema by the Technical Universtity of Lisbon

on 01-08-2010

... Prof Carlos Salema was awarded the title of ''Professor Emeritus'' by the Technical University of Lisbon in recognition of the excellence of his teaching and contributions to Engineering as professor of Instituto Superior Técnico (IST), Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (DEEC), for almost 40 years. He joined IST in 1965, obtained the PhD in 1972 from the Queen Mary College of London University and was elevated to Full Professor of DEEC/IST in 1979.

His academic, scientific and professional accomplishments though, largely extend beyond IST, with marked contributions to the national scientific community and constant engagement in technical and scientific activities with society outreach. He is the president of the Board of Directors of Instituto de Telecomunicações, President of the Academia de Engenharia and member of the Academia das Ciências de Lisboa.