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SARDANA Project Wins Global Telecoms Business Innovation Award 2011

on 15-06-2011

... Global Telecoms Business (GTB) is a website and magazine written specifically for the senior managers who run telecoms carriers worldwide. GTB recognizes the most innovative projects in the industry annually. SARDANA Project, with participation of Instituto de Telecomunicações, was awarded in the 2011 edition of GTB Inovation Awards. SARDANA is a 7th FP STREP project (proj. no. 217122), that targets the performance enhancement of dense Fibre-to-the-Home networks, also called PONs (Passive Optical Networks).

IT represented again in the awards of IBM Scientific Prize

on 07-06-2011

... IT researcher Mariana Almeida received an Honorable Mention with her work on blind image deblurring in the 2010 IBM Scientifc Prize Contest.

The work proposes a new blind deblurring method. In contrast with existing methods, this approach only makes weak assumptions on the blurring filter, being applicable to a wide range of deblurring degradations. The method can be applied to single-frame and multi-frame scenarios and can be extended to images composed of two layers that were differently blurred. Comprehensive experiments show that the method achieves state-of-the-art performance in both synthetic degradation and actual photos.

The IBM Scientifc Prize established in 1990 is inteded to promote high standard research work in the areas of Computer Science, stimulating young researchers in Portugal to excel in their work and to interact with the industrial community.

This is the second time in a raw that an IT researcher receives this award.