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IT hosts seven doctoral researchers with contracts funded by the FCT

on 20-09-2018

... Within the 1º Concurso de Estímulo ao Emprego Científico – Individual (CEEC Individual 2017), whose results were recently published by the Fundação Para a Ciência e a Tecnologia – FCT, IT will be hosting seven doctoral researchers with contracts funded by the FCT.

A total of 500 doctoral researcher work contracts were awarded within several scientific areas and the following four contractual categories: Junior Researcher, Assistant Researcher, Principal Researcher and Coordinating Researcher. The candidates were selected through an evaluation and classification process carried out by 25 international panels.

Among the seven doctoral researchers that will be signing a contract with IT, two of them, Franceso Renna and Caroline Conti, ranked in the first place on their category in their scientific area. Francesco, Assistant Researcher, got the highest score (9.8) in Electrical, Electronic and Information Engineering, while Caroline in the Junior Researcher category, obtained the maximum score of 10, in the area of Mathematics and Computer and Information Sciences.

Photo: Caroline Conti, one of the seven doctoral researchers that will be signing a contract with IT

Ciência Viva at IT: Where high-schoolers become telecommunication engineers for one week

on 11-07-2018

... Within the 22nd edition of the program “Ciência Viva no Laboratório - Ocupação Científica de Jovens nas Férias”, IT organised once again two internships, in Lisbon and Covilhã, with the aim of capturing the interest of high-school students for telecommunications. In both courses students were immersed in the research and development being done at IT, allowing them to “get into the skin” of telecommunications engineers and learn more about their daily activities.

In Lisbon, between 2-6 July, IT and IST hosted for the 7th time the INTELE (Introduction to Telecommunications). The trainees visited the laboratories, attended experimental sessions and set up "kits" for FM broadcast receivers and optical communications. As in previous editions, the hands-on activities like the assembling of the kits and the direct contact with the techniques of manufacture and testing of printed circuits were big favourites. Other activities such as the session “Desmistifying the Internet”, learning the theory about electromagnetic waves or the visit to the Faraday Museum also gathered the general enthusiasm of the young trainees.

In Covilhã, between 25-29 June IT and the Faculdade de Engenharia – University of Beira Interior (UBI) jointly organised the course “Initiation to Electronics and Telecommunications”. The trainees learned about the innovative applications of electronics and communication networks being developed in IT, as well as the main research and technological challenges for the development of mobile and wireless communications in the century XXI. In the activities that took place in the laboratory, trainees put theory to the test with the assembly of electronic kits, basic techniques of printed circuit production, experimental realization of received power measurements, binary output and other relevant measures in 4G and 5G mobile systems.