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Nuno Borges de Carvalho is the new Vice-Chair of the URSI Electromagnetic Metrology Commission

on 10-09-2017

... Nuno Borges de Carvalho, from IT in Aveiro, was elected Vice-Chair of the Commission A - Electromagnetic Metrology of the Union Radio-Scientifique International (URSI) in the 32nd URSI General Assembly, held in Montreal, Canada, August 20 – 26.

URSI is a non-governmental and non-profit organisation under the International Council for Science and, according to its mission statement, “is responsible for stimulating and co-ordinating, on an international basis, studies, research, applications, scientific exchange, and communication in the fields of radio science".

URSI has ten Scientific Commissions, with the Commission A scope being Electromagnetic Metrology and Electromagnetic standards and measurements. Commission A activities consist in promoting the research and development of the field of measurement standards and physical constants, calibration and measurement methodologies, improved quantification of accuracy, traceability, and uncertainty.

Diogo Regateiro wins Best Paper Award at DATA 2017

on 06-09-2017

... Diogo Regateiro, a PhD student from IT in Aveiro, won the Best Paper Award at DATA 2017 – 6th International Conference on Data Science, Technology and Applications, held in Madrid last July 24-26.

The paper entitled “SPDC: Secure Proxied Database Connectivity” presents an approach to heighten security when users connect to a given database to access sensitive information. “This approach involves removing the database credentials from the less secure client machine, the one that needs to access the database, and delegate this task to a more secure machine instead”, explains Diogo.

The author adds that “the information required to connect to the database is split between two different machines. Therefore, a hacker is required to breach both to obtain the credentials to the database and disclose the data stored within. Lastly, all of this is achieved while supporting the most pervasive tools used by developers to connect to databases”.

The wining paper was also co-authored by Óscar Mortágua Pereira and Rui Aguiar, both researchers from IT in Aveiro and the supervisors of Diogo Regateiro´s thesis.