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Expanding our field of view up to 180º

on 23-04-2018

... The project ACode180Video aims to expand the limited field of view (FoV) of humans up to 180 degrees. A modular camera setup was built to capture multiple HD images to be compressed and stitched into a single UHD panoramic resolution with 180º FoV. This setup is comprised of 9 HD cameras mounted in a semi-circular arrangement, each one connected to a low cost processor module, which in turn is linked with a central processor unit. The processing modules are responsible for partial encoding of each image while the central one completes the process.

The project investigates efficient image stitching methods to combine images from all cameras with low computational complexity. This includes finding a reduced set of common visual features, match them between adjacent view images, geometric transform and blending.

The expected results include efficient joint coding and stitching algorithms suitable for implementation on low-cost consumer-grade equipment. Hopefully contributing to the development of sophisticated, yet affordable technology for all.

Project ACode180Video was developed under the coordination of Pedro Assunção, from the Multimedia Signal Processing Group of IT in Leiria

IT is the first in Portugal to get 4 badges in ORCID´s Collect & Connect program

on 07-02-2018

... IT´s integration of ORCID was awarded the Authenticate, Collect, Display, and Connect badges of ORCID´s Collect and Connect program - a set of resources and guidelines for ORCID integration and engagement – thus becoming the first organization in Portugal to achieve this integration level.

Gathering a global community of all kinds of stakeholders from the research ecosystem, ORCID is a non-profit organization that aims to help all who participate in research, scholarship and innovation to have a unique identification and to be connected to their contributions and affiliations, across disciplines, borders and time.

With hundreds of ORCID Member Organizations globally building ORCID identifiers into their systems, as well as some funders and publishers now requiring ORCID iDs, researchers are increasingly likely to encounter ORCID in their day-to-day life. Therefore, the ORCID Collect & Connect program has been developed to streamline the integration process and foster a shared user experience, ensuring researchers and member-integrators understand what ORCID is, and why and how to engage.

It is essential that organizations play their part in planning and building an ORCID integration system that enables connecting validated, trustworthy information about its researchers and their affiliation with the organization to their ORCID records. ORCID evaluates the level of integration in each system according to five parameters: Authenticate and Collect – means that the system collects validated ORCID ID´s for individuals, ensuring they are correctly connected with the institution; Display – ID´s are displayed on the organization website, platform, systems, meaning they are plumbed to support ORCID ID´s; Connect – data is connected to ORCID Records, enabling researchers to provide validated data to others; and Synchronize – the organization system is synchronized with the ORCID Registry, which improves reporting speed and accuracy, reducing the burden of entering the data manually