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IT on the European project to build a playground for 5G experiments

on 22-06-2017

... A research team from IT in Aveiro is involved in the 5GinFIRE, a 3 year European H2020 project whose main goal is to build and operate an Open, and Extensible 5G NFV-based Reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of experimental facilities.

The 5G network infrastructures will be a key asset to support the societal transformation that will lead us to the fourth industrial revolution, impacting multiple sectors. With the 5G technology serving a larger portfolio of applications and with a corresponding multiplicity of requirements that range from high reliability to ultra-low latency going through high bandwidth and mobility, all this diversity really puts a lot of pressure on vertical companies.

There is the necessity of a high degree of technological convergence among vertical industries empowering them with enhanced technical capacity to trigger the development of new, innovative products, applications and services.

The 5GinFIRE project plans to lay down the foundations for instantiating fully softwarised architectures of vertical industries and experimenting with them. The initial instantiation of the Open5G-NFV ecosystem will be driven by the automotive vertical deployed across state-of-the-art 5G infrastructures.

The project will enable new components, architecture designs and APIs to be trialled before they are ported to more industrially “mainstream” 5G networks that are expected to emerge in large scale in the years to come. In this scope 5GINFIRE project will organize at least two Open Calls for experiments to be implemented opening the platform to new verticals

A “Dark-Sky” to brighten Portugal´s center region

on 18-05-2017

... IT is one of the institutions involved in the Dark Sky@Xisto, a sustainable turism initiative promoted by the Comunidade Inter-Municipal de Coimbra, The Associação das Aldeias the Xisto and the city of Pampilhosa da Serra, with the aim of establishing a Dark Sky Reserve in the Portuguese center territory. The project´s name Xisto comes from the fact that the Portuguese center region is characterized by the Rede das Aldeias de Xisto, integrating 27 villages from 16 municipalities in a territory that stretches between Castelo Branco and Coimbra.

Dark-Sky Reserves are locations that possess an exceptional or distinguished quality of starry nights and nocturnal environment that are specifically protected for its scientific, natural, educational, cultural, heritage and/or public enjoyment.

Our IT researcher Domingos Barbosa is involved in the certification process, verifying and mapping the quality of the sky (darkness, the amount of clouds as well as the atmosphere turbulence), in the different cities of the Comunidade Inter-Municipal de Coimbra. According to Domingos Barbosa, these technical pre-requisites, established by the Starlight Tourism Destination, the UNESCO and the World Tourism Organization, are the necessary conditions to proceed with the process.

Remembering the success of the first Portuguese Dark-Sky Reserve in Alqueva, Domingos Barbosa believes that this new reserve “will have a clear medium-long term impact in the Portuguese center region”.