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How cool is your science?

by IT on 12-04-2023
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Ready to know more about telecommunications in a broad sense?

Do you imagine all the hard themes from Technologies of Information, Communications, and Electronics (TICE) translated by the researchers in very plain words, so you can understand?

"How cool is your science?" podcast brings you talks about science, projects, and technology, in the thematic areas of Wireless Technologies, Optics and Photonics, Information and Data Science, Networks and Services, and Basic Sciences and Enabling Technologies.

This is a podcast developed by Instituto de Telecomunicações.


First three episodes:

Episode 3: Quantum Technologies for security and privacy on vehicular networks (Q.DOT project) by Armando Nolasco Pinto (IT – UA)

Episode 2: ISTSat-1 enterprise, the first nanosatellite totally developed in Portugal by Rui Rocha (IT – IST)

Episode 1: Deep Cognition Learning for Language Generation (DECOLLAGE project) by André Martins (IT – IST)


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