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How cool is your science? New IT Science talks series 2023

by IT on 27-02-2023
ISTSat-1 Portuguese Satellite European Space Agency (ESA) European Fly Your Satellite (FYS!) Ariane 6 IST DEEC Taguspark campus

The New IT science talks series 2023 "How cool is your science?" brings to the public a very short audio (Mixcloud) pitch about ongoing IT projects. In this first episode, we interviewed André Martins.

André Martins, recently awarded an ERC Consolidator Grant, explains in the 1st episode of "How cool is your science?" what is about DECOLLAGE (DEep COgnition Learning for LAnguage GEneration), the sponsored project.

In the second episode, Rui M. Rocha explains the next steps of the ISTSat-1 enterprise, the first nanosatellite totally developed in Portugal. ISTSat-1 is a nanosatellite being developed under ESA’s Fly Your Satellite! program.

Stats Rui Rocha, “the satellite is in its final stage, can not be open anymore, and moves on for the vibration tests and to the vacuum chamber, which are the demanding tests to get the ticket to Ariane 6. All the way is almost done but the final integration will be critical. Fingers crossed!" 



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