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ScientISST project develops innovative educational tools to apply in the biomedical field

by IT on 28-06-2022
Award Project Celeste PASO Pampilhosa da Serra Competition “Promove o Futuro do Interior” BPI Fundação La Caixa Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia Sustainable Development Goal 7

ScientISST is a pedagogical innovation project that gathers a team of passionate students and researchers around the common goal of developing biomedical innovations of practical utility. Biomedical instrumentation and signal acquisition are increasingly more pervasive, however, there are multiple hindering factors still conditioning research and development beyond state-of-the-art solutions. In particular, existing approaches are bound by vendor-imposed restrictions, high costs, and limited options for customization and rapid prototyping. Furthermore, popular open hardware platforms have been shown to have performance limitations (

Through the creation of purpose-built hardware, software, and educational materials, ScientISST greatly accelerates scientific developments in biomedical instrumentation and signal acquisition, enabling anyone, from students to professionals, to bring their biosignal-powered ideas into fruition. Tools developed thus far include educational materials (, programming APIs, data acquisition software (find the URL below), and a data acquisition hardware platform ( Example applications of our paradigm include the EFORTO frailty assessment device ( or a novel development kit for “Invisible” devices.