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Spin-off Didimo: is now possible to create full-body digital humans

by IT on 08-04-2022
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Didimo, a leading company in the creation of high-fidelity digital humans generated in less than 90 seconds, announced this Wednesday, April 6, the launch of full-body 3D avatars, continuing its strategy of simplifying the generation of these avatars, animatable and increasingly realistic digital characters. Through a platform with new capabilities built from deep-tech, Didimo can generate full-body, animated, customized, and ready-to-use digital humans in any digital experience.  Based on a photo, the startup platform automatically generates the appropriate skin tone as well as automatically selects the body type corresponding to female or male.

Using technology, which it has been developing for over a decade, to improve facial animation and communication relationships, Didimo now presents the new full-body avatars, which are animatable and based on standard tools that ensure adaptability to any platform. The company's digital humans can be generated in less than 90 seconds and simplify design, development, and interface for immersive experiences.

The IT Porto spin-off also offers the possibility of exporting different types of hair existing in libraries on other platforms, as well as other clothing options, which can improve the appearance and personality of each avatar. Throughout 2022, more customization options for full-body avatars will be developed.

Our researcher Veronica Orvalho, the CEO of Didimo, already received several recognitions, namely the EU Prize for Women Innovators 2021, where she figures among the 21 most innovative entrepreneurs in Europe, according to the European Innovation Council.


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