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QuantSat-PT: Portugal's first step towards quantum communication satellites

by IT on 07-04-2021
Solar photovoltaics OPV technology

Project QuantSat-PT is the first step of a larger and longer-term vision of developing quantum communication satellites and ground stations in Portugal, making the country autonomous in such sovereignty technologies.

Quantum communications offer an unprecedented level of privacy. However, long-distance terrestrial quantum communications currently rely on national trusted nodes, inadequate for international links. The alternative is satellite quantum communication, a technology of crucial strategic importance for Portugal, given its continental location and its archipelagos in the Atlantic.

To take this first step, project QuantSat-PT brings together a unique and multidisciplinary team, featuring complementary expertise from the following IT research groups: Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies, Network Architecture and Protocols, Antennas and Propagation and Optical Networking.

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