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Student team led by IT researcher ranks top 10 in worldwide cybersecurity competition

by IT on 29-03-2021
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Students from the University of Aveiro (UA) ranked 8th among 6491 competitors around the globe in NahamCon 2021, under the guidance of IT researcher João Paulo Barraca.


The team was able to accomplish 74 of the 88 proposed challenges throughout the two-day virtual hacking conference, hosted by NahamSec, The Cyber Mentor, and John Hammond.


Members included undergraduate students from Informatics Engineering (Camila Fonseca, Duarte Mortágua, José Sousa, João Laranjo, Luis Valentim, Rodrigo Lima, and Vicente Costa), MSc students in Cybersecurity (Miguel Mota, João Almeida, Pedro Escaleira, Rafael Simões, Tiago Lucas, and Vera Oliveira), as well as IT student Vitor Cunha from the doctoral program in Computer Engineering.


"The result, which the team hopes to improve in the coming years, gives a huge motivation to these students who are dedicated to the area of cybersecurity", João Paulo Barraca told UA. "Their performance exceeded all expectations, but also demonstrates their experience and the teaching quality in Aveiro, as well as their ability to work as a team".


NahamCon is an annual international event aimed at aspiring cybersecurity experts from around the world, with a focus on vulnerability exploitation and pentesting. The initiative features activities, workshops, technical sessions and several challenges, which may involve exploiting vulnerabilities in systems, detecting and breaking ciphers, forensic analysis or reverse engineering activities.