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IT ranked 5th best non-profit in Portugal for leading innovation

by IT on 14-10-2020
IT has been awarded a Portuguese Innovation Leaders Award for its performance in the field of Research & Development (R&D). (see more)

Launched this year by the Consumer Guidance Institute Portugal (CGIP), the award recognizes and rewards Portuguese organizations dedicated to innovation and R&D investment.

In the "Non-profit" category, IT scored in the top 5 organizations.

In its report, CGIP highlights: “Innovation is one of the biggest engines of economic growth. It promotes quality of life and citizen welfare. In recent years, we have witnessed a greater focus in this sector, which can be seen in the number of patent applications and registrations in both Portugal and abroad”.

To determine the highest-scoring Portuguese companies and organizations, CGIP analyzed the number and quality of patent registrations worldwide between 2017 and 2019, as well as the organizations’ websites, in order to measure their ambition and focus on innovation.

To distinguish different types of innovation, patents were also organized into classes: Human Needs; Processing Operations, Transport, Chemistry and Metallurgy; Textiles and Paper; Fixed Constructions; Mechanical Engineering, Lighting, Heating, Weapons and Explosion; Physics and Electricity.

In addition to receiving the award, IT scored in the top 10 innovators in Electricity and top 20 innovators in Physics.