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IT/UA project is one of the seven to be funded under the CMU Portugal program

on 10-05-2020

... The project “Intelligent Beamforming Metasurfaces for Future Telecommunications”, presented by Stanislav Maslovski, from IT and the University of Aveiro (UA), is one of seven projects funded under the Carnegie Mellon Portugal (CMU Portugal) program. Gathering researchers from IT, UA and CMU, this is an exploratory project dedicated to the development of reconfigurable multibeam smart antennas for future machine-to-machine wireless communications.

The seven exploratory projects were selected from a total of 38 proposals. During the next 12 months, 12 national research institutions, in collaboration with the Carneggie Mellon University (USA), will explore areas as diverse as robotics, artificial intelligence, intelligent transport systems, language processing, among others. According to Nuno Nunes, National Co-Director of the CMU Portugal Program, “we hope that these projects will help to explore ideas identified by the scientific community, in a bottom-up way, that in the future may be the basis for other projects with larger dimensions.” Rodrigo Rodrigues, also National Co-Director of the CMU Portugal Program, adds that “the impact of these exploratory projects is expected to go beyond the publication of articles and other metrics. Above all, we hope that these projects will lead to new systems that can answer to real-world problems”.

This is the second contest for exploratory projects promoted by FCT and CMU Portugal. The first took place in 2017 and through which 11 national institutions benefited from 700 thousand euros of investment in 8 projects. Since the creation of the CMU Portugal Program in 2006, more than 60 research projects developed by ICT groups throughout the country have been financed.

Photo: Stanislav Maslovski (IT/UA) will be the principal investigator in Portugal