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ADAM 3D - Additive antenna manufacturing

by IT on 18-12-2018
Additive manufacturing (AM), or 3D-printing, is bringing a revolution to most engineering areas. It is not just about changing fabrication processes and materials, but more importantly, enabling powerful new concepts and designs not feasible or affordable with traditional manufacturing.

In parallel, the trend towards massive communications will continue, anchored on 5G, linking ever more users, devices and machines. This will involve not only land wireless networks, but constellations of small satellites as well. The envisaged number of cells and consequently number of required antenna urges the developments of effective low-cost solutions for mass-market. Antennas are a key component in wireless systems, and AM will play an important role in making them low cost and more efficient.

In ADAM 3D, a three-year project funded by FCT, a research team from the Antennas and Propagation group of IT in Lisbon is focused on the development of new antenna concepts that benefit from opportunities offered by AM, aiming at different aspects of IoT, mHealth, mobile broadband, satellites and backhaul in 5G.