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IT promotes an ideas contest to experiment the PASMO platform

by IT on 05-12-2018
IT is organizing the PASMO Ideas Contest, in which the main goal is to stimulate the development of business ideas that contribute to experimenting the PASMO platform in the area of intelligent transport systems in Portugal´s Center Region. The central theme of this contest is Intelligent Mobility, with candidates being encouraged to submit ideas and innovative business models designed to be implemented through using the PASMO platform.

Developed to transfer part of the acquired knowledge from IT to companies and society in general,
PASMO comprises three subsystems that mirror the different layers of intelligent transport systems: data collection (roads, railways and vehicular resources), data transfer (telecommunications and data infrastructure), and applications. These components, with equipment, interfaces and open data, are integrated and available for business experimentation, leading to an open innovation ecosystem (Living Lab) in the area of ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) in Portugal´s center region.

Candidates (individuals or groups) can submit up to three ideas until the next January 11, with a first prize that amounts to €5.5k.

To see all the information about the contest please go to: