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NanoSTIMA meeting gathers dozen of researchers to exchange ideas

on 16-05-2017

... On the past May 10 the NanoSTIMA 3.5 Meeting gathered several dozen researchers at the Centro the investigação Médica (CIM) of the Medical Faculty of the University of Porto. NanoSTIMA (Macro-to-Nano Human Sensing: Towards Integrated Multimodal Health Monitoring and Analytics) is a European project coordinated by INESC-TEC and developed in collaboration with IT , CINTESIS – Centro de Investigação em Tecnologias e Serviços de Saúde and CIDESD - Centro de Investigação em Desporto, Saúde e Desenvolvimento Humano.
The meeting´s main goal was to bring together, for the first time, researchers from the axis 3 and 4 of NanoSTIMA, allowing them to present their work and the exchanging of ideas. In this way, the meeting also promoted new collaborations and the solving of common problems.
The research axis 3 involves questions like the storing, transport, access, security and privacy of the data. “It serves both to provide data to the other lines of research, as well as for these other lines to store their collected data”, explained Pedro Brandão, IT researcher and coordinator of NanoSTIMA´s research axis 3. Regarding the research axis 4, Pedro Brandão said that it is mainly focused “on developing data analysis methods that take advantage of new infrastructures in order to generate new knowledge”.
According to Pedro Rodrigues from CINTESIS, NanoSTIMA´s biggest challenge is to “bridge the gap between new technologies, new infrastructures and new methods of analysis”, beneffiting from the research being developed in different institutions.