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IT and BITalino on the Scientific Revolution Beyond the Lab event

on 21-02-2017

... The work that the Pattern and Image Analysis (PIA) Group of IT in Lisbon has been developing with the BITalino technology was chosen by the Centro Ciência Viva to be the focal point of the exhibition "Sparks - A Revolução Científica para Além do Laboratório”. In an interactive module dedicated to the BITalino, created by the Pavilhão do Conhecimento and IT, visitors can observe their heart signals live.

Sparks is an itinerant exhibition that portrays projects in the field of healthcare created by individuals and research centers with the primary goal of providing worldwide tools that would otherwise be confined to the walls of a hospital or laboratory.

Hugo Silva, from IT in Lisbon and one of the co-designers of BITalino, told us that“Science centers in each country highlighted a local project representative of this movement. In Portugal the Ciência Viva chose BITalino and the work done by IT in technology as a representative example, which was a great honour for us”.

Inaugurated on January 26, the exhibition will be at the Pavilhão do Conhecimento until March 22.