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IT researchers develop an app to monitor Diabetes

by IT on 11-07-2016
A team led by Pedro Brandão and Miguel Coimbra, from IT at Porto has developed an app for Android systems “A minha Diabetes”. It allows storing and reviewing all daily data normally monitored in Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus (e.g.: having a meal implies registering carbohydrates, glycaemia, insulin). This app was developed to provide patients a better control of their diabetes. Frequent monitoring is very important to maintain a good glycemic control. A system to display “advices” according to the recorded data is also being developed to be incorporated in “A minha Diabetes”.

The app is currently being tested by patients with Type 1 Diabetes, in the Endocrinology service of the Hospital de S. João, Porto. At this stage the goal is to study the usability of the application and to obtain feedback from users in order to support its continuous improvement. The number of records made by the users , as well as its consultation will also be assessed, in order to understand how much the users adhere to the application.