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IT takes its fourth ride on the Caravana do Coração

by IT on 30-06-2016
For the fourth consecutive time, a team of researchers from IT Porto will be participating in the initiative Caravana do Coração, a yearly event that is organized by the Foundation Círculo do Coração, created by members of the biggest hospital in the Northeast region of Brazil, the Real Hospital Português.

Miguel Coimbra, tem leader of IT at Porto, disclosed the IT team work plan, which is “to lay the foundations for the recently approved IT project SmartSignals. We will install 6 Digiscopes, 3 in eco- taxis that move from city to city, and 3 more in the main cities of João Pessoa, Campina Grande , and Patos, that will screen about 40,000 children per year”. The DigiScope (DIGItally enhanced stethosCOPE) is a technology developed by IT Porto that systematically records and transmits heart sounds, enabling the automatic detection of heart murmurs and pulmonary hypertension.

According to Miguel Coimbra, this year´s Caravana do Coração “will be huge given the interest in the zika virus in this region of Brazil”. A total of 85 specialists and researchers from different institutions (including Harvard and Cambridge) from 8 different countries, will participate in a 13 day campaign of screening, consultations and cardiologic tests all across the state of Paraíba, with a population of 4 million inhabitants.

To get an update on our IT team journey at Caravana do Coração 2016 just follow their page: