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IT project SCOUTE won the 1st position of the Award "Inovação nas Forças Armadas 2023”

by IT on 16-10-2023
Award Prémio de Inovação nas Forças Armadas 2023 SCOUTE (Uniform Connection and Optimization System for Energy Transfer)

A group of Ph.D. students from the University of Aveiro and researchers of the Instituto de Telecomunicações, from the project SCOUTE (Uniform Connection and Optimization System for Energy Transfer), won the award "Inovação nas Forças Armadas 2023”. They are Henrique Chaves, a 1st-year student of the Doctoral Program in Electrical Engineering (PDELE), Paulo Capitão, a 2nd-year student of PDELE, Ricardo Pereira, a 4th-year student of PDELE, Nuno Carvalho, a Professor at DETI/UA and our researcher, and Andreia Fernandes, from the Portuguese Army.

This award, instituted by Estado-Maior-General das Forças Armadas, aims to promote innovation, with a view to improving capabilities and planning, accompanying the evolution of research and development activities in military sciences and defence and, at the same time, promoting a closer connection and the search for synergies between the military forces, technological branches of the industry and academic community.

The Award consists of a physical trophy and a cash prize awarded to the three best Ideas submitted. Project SCOUTE won the 1st position.


Photo credits: UA