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Rafael Caldeirinha elected new President of ANACOM's National Technical Commission for Standardization

by IT on 25-05-2023
Election ANACOM Comissão Técnica Nacional de Normalização President Rafael Caldeirinha Antennas and Propagation Wireless Technologies

Rafael Caldeirinha, coordinator of the Antennas and Propagation group at IT Leiria, and Professor at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, has been appointed President of ANACOM's National Technical Commission for Standardization on past May 12, 2023.

ANACOM plays an important role as a Sectorial Standardization Organization (ONS) in the areas of communications (telecommunications and postal services) and electromagnetic compatibility. This function is developed under a protocol established between this authority and the Portuguese Institute of Quality (IPQ), in the field of standardization of the national quality management system.

Technical Commissions play a crucial role, both with an impact on consumers and the industry. The National Technical Commission for Electrotechnical Standardization (CTE 106), in particular, develops its activity within the scope of “electromagnetic fields in the human environment” and is a complementary extension at an international level of the technical commission CLC/TC106X (Electromagnetic fields in the human environment) of the European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization (CENELEC).

This committee has been developing procedures for the measurement and reproducible calculation of power density close to the human body, when in close proximity to radiofrequency (RF) emitting devices, including clothing incorporating RF equipment, radio technologies operating in the bands of millimetric wave frequencies, also contemplating the active beam shaping antennas.