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Celebrating 30 Years - Board visit to IT Porto

by IT on 15-07-2022
IT Board visit

On our 30th anniversary, the board of Instituto de Telecomunicações initiated a set of visits to sites and branches to get in touch with the daily days, successes, and apprehensions of the researchers.

In July 2022, took place a visit to FEUP and FCUP labs, at University of Porto.

Guided by our researcher member Ana Aguiar, IT Group Networked Systems – Porto branch coordinator, and the presence of the Director da FEUP, João Falcão e Cunha, we’ve got in touch with all the fantastic research work conducted by the IT Porto branch!

We were so proud; it is a small branch but with big and bright ideas!

We photo-reported this tour. Do you want to see what happened? Watch the video.