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Joana Mendes research on diamond-based electronics highlighted in Digital Outreach

by IT on 10-03-2023
Article Diamond-based electronics Digital Outreach Journal

Joana Mendes's research on diamond-based electronics was highlighted in Digital Outreach Journal.

"Diamonds are an engineer’s best friend. As well as their incredible hardness, diamonds have several physical properties that make them excellent for electrical devices – like light-emitting diodes (LEDs). One of the big challenges in electronics is continually trying to miniaturise devices: the smaller they become, the more heat is generated which reduces their lifespan, reliability, and efficiency. Effective thermal management is crucial. Dr Joana Mendes at the Instituto de Telecomunicações, Portugal, has reviewed how integrating diamond films with GaN high electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) can help achieve exactly that.”


Joana Catarina Martins Mendes graduated in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering in 1998 from the University of Aveiro, Portugal, where she obtained her PhD in 2006. Mendes is currently a researcher at the Instituto de Telecomunicações in Portugal. She is working towards integrating artificial diamonds with power electronic devices.


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