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City Catalyst project broadcasted on Exame Informática

by IT on 05-01-2023
Project City Catalyst 5G Mobility Sustainability Energy SDG11 Networks and Services Radio Systems

City Catalyst for Sustainable Cities is a project led by Susana Sargento and Pedro Rito, both from IT and the University of Aveiro, and Filipe Cabral Pinto (IT and Altice Labs).

Nowadays, cities are facing several distinct challenges due to the complex co-existence of citizens, elements from different segments, and transversal axes to urban areas, such as energy and mobility, and governance.

The City Catalyst project aims to address these challenges in a real context, by performing research, development, and validation of technological solutions and innovative services. Those will promote integrated city management, more efficient and effective. Furthermore, it will catalyse the innovation of cities and sustainable development through specific contributions to the implementation and interoperability of urban platforms.

This platform results from a joint venture between Instituto de Telecomunicações and Altice Labs.


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