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Portuguese team coached by Pedro Adão at the European Cybersecurity Challenge

by IT on 20-09-2022
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A team of 10 students, 7 from IST, joined the journey of the highly competitive European Cybersecurity Challenge, in Vienna, Austria.

The students were coached by Pedro Adão, IT researcher and Professor at the Department of Informatics at Técnico, and André Baptista, from the Faculty of Sciences, at the University of Porto.

This competition is an initiative of the European Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA), with the goal of attracting and encouraging potential young European talents in this area, and connecting with European organizations that will need these people in the future.

The aim is thus to attract young people to follow training in computer security and related areas, which will contribute to the development of cybersecurity in the near future.

Each participating European country that wants to participate organizes a national competition, from which the 10 best are selected to join the international competition.


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