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COMSOLVE - Solar energy community with integration in electric vehicles

by IT on 26-09-2022
Project Renewable energy Renewable energy communities (CER) SDG 11 SDG 7 COMSOLVE Networks and Services CENTRO 2020 Digitalmente Coopérnico Magnum Cap European Regional Development Fund

COMSOLVE project will implement management solutions for renewable energy communities (CER) by integrating electric vehicles and energy storage systems based on second-life batteries. 

The project will include the decentralized production of electricity from photovoltaic panels and the sharing of energy produced by community members, allowing the development of the energy markets paradigm centered on the role of "prosumers" - citizens and entities simultaneously producers and consumers of electricity. In this community ecosystem, members can carry out energy purchase and sale transactions directly with each other, in a secure and distributed manner. 

Based on blockchain technologies and peer-to-peer (P2P) trading models, these transactions will be based on the various users' consumption profiles and preferences (e.g., purchase/sale price and energy source). The management entity will also have the role of optimizing the community's energy balance, evaluating in real time the purchase and sale price of electricity to the distribution network, and making decisions on storage, purchase of energy for future consumption, or sale of the surplus produced.

This is a project led by Joaquim Ferreira (IT researcher and Professor at the University of Aveiro), in the scope of a consortium formed by Instituto de Telecomunicações, Digitalmente, Coopérnico, and Magnum Cap, funded by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), through the Lisbon Regional Operational Program and by CENTRO 2020.

The project was presented in Ílhavo, on the past 24th of September 2022. 



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