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5G-MOBIX shuttle tested in a pioneer trip on the cross-borders of Spain and Portugal

by IT on 15-09-2022
Project 5G-MOBIX 5G for connected and automated mobility Network applications and Services Mobility CAM EU-Funded Innovative Action

Yesterday (14th September), the autonomous and 5G-connected driving trip took place, in a real environment, on the Valencia-Tui international bridge. This trip marks the conclusion of the European 5G-MOBIX project, which demonstrated the role of 5G in connected autonomous mobility.

5G-MOBIX is a project led by our researcher Joaquim Ferreira, funded by EU Innovative Action (2018-2022) that brings together 58 partners from 13 countries from the EU and Turkey, China, and Korea, to develop and evaluate automated vehicle functionalities using 5G core technological innovations along two cross-border corridors and six urban trial sites. “This project will examine the implications of 5G and its role in the future of autonomous driving.”

Seeking to solve problems related to connectivity, the project seeks to develop solutions not only for the automotive industry but also for telecommunications, industrial services, information technologies, as well as R&D, and public authority.

To achieve their full potential, many of these applications, already developed in controlled situations, are tested for the first time in real cross-border environments. These tests in real environments allow assessment of the benefits of 5G for connected and automated mobility (CAM) applications such as cooperative overtake, highway lane merging, truck platooning, remote driving, and vehicle Quality of Service support. In the case of CAM, in addition to Portugal and Spain, eight tests were created in different challenging scenarios, with respective use cases, whether urban, highway, or cross-border, not only in Europe but also in Asia.


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