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Affective Computing on focus at Xinhua Net's Future Media Convergence Center

by IT on 25-10-2021
Lecture Affective computing Biomedical technology Information and Data Sciences

By invitation of the Xinhua Net Future Media Convergence Institute (FMCI), China, IT's researcher Hugo Silva presented an online lecture on “affective computing”, in the context of the XiPhy project that is being developed jointly with this institute.

“Affective computing” is a notion defined by Picard (1997) as “the computing that is related to, arises from, or deliberately influences emotions.” According to keynote speaker Hugo Silva, “affective computing aims to study and develop computer systems and devices, capable of recognizing, interpreting, processing and simulating human  affection/emotions.” For the IT’s researcher, this is “one of the areas of research in which we have been working at the group level, which has seen great demand, and which according to some studies could reach a market appreciation of over $280B.”

The framing of the event was to discuss new opportunities in the intersection of the areas of biomedical engineering and data science.

Watch the lecture on our Youtube channel.