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“ScientISST Notebooks” awarded for Best Presentation at CISPEE 2021

by IT on 29-09-2021
Software Design Interactive Learning Process

The work entitled “ScientISST Notebooks: Design Considerations and Lessons Learned” co-authored by Joana Pinto, Hugo Plácido da Silva, and Ana Fred, has been distinguished at the 4th edition of the International Conference of the Portuguese Society for Engineering Education (CISPEE 2021) with an honorable mention for Best Presentation.

The work is being developed in the scope of the “ScientISST-NOTES” Pedagogical Innovation Project (PIP) at IST and explores the potential of using open access online software tools to promote a more interactive learning process.

ScientISST Notebooks are designed to enrich the learning experience of students, namely in practical and laboratory activities in biomedical engineering. These materials are built in the Jupyter Notebooks format, a free cloud-based environment that enables the creation of documents incorporating live code, equations, graphics, and narrative text. It enables students to work in person or virtually and has proved to be an effective option during the COVID-19 outbreak.