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IT Scientific Productivity Prize

by IT on 01-09-2021
It Prize

As you know, the application for the IT Scientific Productivity Prize, as defined in the corresponding regulation, is started, up to now, by sending an e-mail to Tereza Traquinas, along with the PDF of the full-text. 

The submission process is being automated in the IT Portal. Therefore, starting from September 1st, the application for the Scientific Prize is requested directly through the IT intranet.

Authors just have to click on the prize application button. The full-text must have been pre-loaded in the Intranet (loading does not imply public visibility of the full-text; this remains an option available to the authors).

For now, the application for the Prize through the IT Portal applies only to Journal papers. For Books, A* conferences, and Patents, the request still follows the usual way, by e-mail.