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ISTSat-1 project featured in annual conference dedicated to Space Science

by IT on 14-11-2020

The ISTSat-1 research team will take part in this year’s ‘Conferência de Professores EspAciais’, an annual event aimed at Portuguese teachers of all education levels.

The theme of this year’s conference is “Space Missions - Earth Observation”. It includes a series of lectures and workshops aimed at teachers of basic and secondary education, to help promote students' interest in scientific and technological fields, namely those related to Space.

The event takes place between 10-17 November and will be delivered exclusively online, due to the pandemic.

The ISTSat-1 team will take the virtual stage on November 17 (Tuesday) at 6pm, to present their micro-satellite, which is capable of tracking commercial planes where conventional location systems have little coverage.

ISTSat-1 is the first-ever satellite built by a university student team in Portugal. Students come from Instituto Superior Técnico (IST) and benefit from guidance, technical resources and support from three research institutes associated with IST: Instituto de Telecomunicações, INESC-ID and IDMEC.

Their talk, as all other sessions, will be recorded and live-streamed on YouTube, from the José Mariano Gago Auditorium of the Pavilhão do Conhecimento.

You can watch the lectures between 6pm and 8pm, in the following channel:ãodoConhecimentoCiênciaViva/.

The conference, now in its 7th edition, is organized by ESERO (European Space Education Resource Office), a joint venture between the European Space Agency and Ciência Viva, that uses Space as an inspiring context for learning science, technology and mathematics. Its ultimate goal is to promote students' interest in these disciplines, at the basic and secondary school levels, and encourage science and engineering careers.