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A steering wheel cover that tells you when you´re too tired to drive

on 27-02-2020

... When driving is a daily and long routine, signs of wear-out may appear. Researchers from the University of Aveiro (UA) and IT in Lisbon have developed a steering wheel cover that alerts drivers when they show signs of fatigue, informing them that it is time to stop and rest. The objective is to reduce road accidents.

By monitoring the heartbeat, this system it is able to assess the driver's health and emotional state, checking whether the person is able to drive. The cover, made from graphene and textile fibers, incorporates a set of electronic devices preserving the spectrum, flexibility and touch of the fabric.

With some demonstrations and tests carried out, the project has already attracted the interest of the mobile industry. However, researchers also have other targets in mind. This system can be adapted to more basic vehicles, such as motorcycles and bicycles, or more technological and that require greater responsibility, such as airplanes.