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Supercomputer instaled in Évora will process data from the world´s largest radio telescope

on 25-02-2020

... The Portuguese research Consortium ENGAGE SKA will be the main user of Oblivion, the supercomputer recently aquired by the University of Évora. The machine is instaled in the DECSIS Data Center, in Évora, and was innaugurated this February 4.

Oblivion will be in production 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and the ENGAGE SKA team will use 50% of the available CPU time. The remaining 50% will be available for the scientific community and companies via the National Advanced Computing Network (FCT / FCCN).

The supercomputer was acquired to support the ENGAGE SKA research infrastructure and the Portuguese scientific community, enabling the parallel processing of massive volumes of data, resulting from the various research and innovation activities, developed in Portugal and within the scope of the design, prototyping and operation of the Square Kilometer Array (SKA) – the world’s largest radio telescope, the and its precursors.

With a performance equivalent to the combination of 1200 personal computers, this machine is able to process 239 millions of millions of operations per second. Through the use of hundreds / thousands of colors working simultaneously in a single problem (parallel processing), Oblivion allows (i) to treat, analyze and obtain information from massive volumes of data (e.g. observational data that will be obtained by the SKA), (ii) performing numerical simulations (e.g. the evolution of the Universe after the Big Bang, black holes, collisions of galaxies, design of new materials, medicines or physical structures) and (iii) test and run parallel applications for various science and innovation scenarios such as complex quantum networks.

Led by IT, the ENGAGE SKA is the Portuguese research consortium for the radiotelescope SKA, gathering the universities of Évora, Aveiro and Porto, the Polytechnic Institute of Beja and the Association REAGE Açores.