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One step further towards Pervasive Healthcare

on 18-09-2019

... Researchers from the IT PIA-Lx group, in collaboration with Dutch computer vision specialists VicarVision and biomedical engineering spin-off PLUX, are currently conducting a large scale study to support the creation of novel tools for analysis of emotional wellbeing. The goal is to develop machine learning algorithms that can predict concerning changes in the health status, such as enhanced stress, based on indicators extracted from the interaction with everyday use devices (in particular, a tablet).

The experimental procedure involves the acquisition of video and physiological sensor data during the interaction between the participants and the tablet. Extracted modalities include facial expressions, respiration, Electrocardiography (ECG), and Electrodermal Activity (EDA). Participants attend two in-person sessions of 30-45 minutes, performed in consecutive weeks. In addition to the sensor data, clinically validated questionnaires are used to obtain ground truth data about the state of the user.

Anyone aged between 25-75 years old can participate and potentially contribute to advance the state-of-the-art in emotional wellbeing analysis. One of the envisioned outcomes of the work is a mobile app that can provide relevant information about the user health status in a pervasive approach, without requiring specialized setups.

Recruitment of volunteers is still ongoing at IT IST (Instituto Superior Técnico, Torre Norte - Piso 10), and the participation is rewarded with a €10 gift card once the two sessions are completed. If you’re interested in supporting this work or know anyone who might be, you can register using the online form available in the link bellow or by contacting the researcher conducting the study (