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MASSIVE5G: Multi-band access strategies for 5G cooperative networks

on 17-01-2019

... The expected massive proliferation of wireless systems point out that in the future there will be the need to support up to one thousand times more traffic than today. Besides, ten times more users will have to be managed and there will be a need to enable Gigabit per second peak speeds. The traditional methods have a limited capability to cope with the requirements of system capacity, spectral and energy efficiency among others. The foreseen key enabling technology for the evolution of mobile technologies towards 5G and beyond 5G are: cell densification, the use of higher frequencies, use of massive number of antennas and massive levels of coordination/cooperation among the network nodes.

The collaborative MASSIVE5G project aims to provide a reliable and high throughput solution for future broadband mobile networks based on the integration and coordination of millimeter wave (mmW) and sub-6GHz multiband access and optical/wireless backhaul.

The outcomes of the MASSIVE5G project will have impact and benefit all the parties in the wireless arena from operators through the understanding of the impact of collaboration on network performance, to users that at the end will benefit from the technology, and also passing through manufacturers that will explore new business opportunities.