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Paper by Brandão Faria on the top downloaded papers of the International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems

by IT on 05-11-2018
The paper “A rigorous matrix procedure for calculating the line constants and wave parameters of uniform MTLs using SMT/PMU”, authored by José Brandão Faria from IT and published in the International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems, was referenced by the editor (John Wiley) as one of the most downloaded papers in the 12 months after publication, among the articles published in this journal between June 2016 and June 2018.

Real-time monitoring of the operation state of wide-area high-voltage multiconductor transmission line links (MTL) became possible with the advent of digital synchrophasor measurement technology (SMT) supported by phasor measurement units (PMU).

Synchronized information acquired by PMUs at the sending and receiving ends of MTLs need to be adequately processed to permit accurate estimation of the line constants (pul impedance and admittance matrices) and wave parameters (characteristic impedance matrix, propagation constants, eigenvectors) of the transmission-line link.

This paper presents a novel matrix procedure for correctly processing PMU data (ie, voltage and current phasors of uniform-MTLs). The procedure is rigorous, general, compact and effective. Rigorous, because it involves no simplifying approximations; it uses a distributed parameter approach and traveling-wave modes. General, because it applies to transposed and untransposed MTLs, with any number of conductors, any geometry, any length. Compact, because a single matrix equation is used to obtain all the entries of the ABCD-matrix from where the line constants are extracted. Effective, because, for a MTL with n+1 conductors, a minimum of n independent measurements is strictly required for estimating the line parameters with accuracy around 1 ppm, provided that MTL boundary conditions at least change 1% between measurements.