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Hugo Silva wins the Carreira AlumniIPS Award

by IT on 16-10-2018
Within the celebrations of the 39th anniversary of Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal (IPS), Hugo Plácido da Silva, who is an Invited Adjunct Professor at IPS and a researcher at IT in Lisbon, was recently distinguished with the Carreira AlumniIPS Award.

In its 3rd edition, this yearly award is given to an IPS graduate whom, “for personal and professional merit, has distinguished himself throughout his career, constituting a reference for students and the community”, says the organization.

“In general, these distinctions are the visible face of an arduous path, tightly linked to the personal, academic and professional options and privileges of each individual, but which is also only possible thanks to the hundreds of people whom, throughout the course of our life and in the quality of family members, friends, educators, co-workers, or other roles, shared more or less of themselves, to help us grow at various levels”, says Hugo Silva. Despite his young age, as someone whose career has already had several highlights, we asked Hugo Silva to share some words and thoughts with the many students who are just starting their academic journey: “It is always easier to list the critical success factors in retrospective, however there is no sure recipe. For those who are now starting their journey, I would say that it is essential to learn as much as possible with the people and opportunities that we encounter, in a humble and detached way, and to value the dreadful "failures", that everyone runs away from and doesn´t want to hear about, but that can be so helpful for our growth. Besides, we must not forget that time, once past, is apparently irrecoverable, and is therefore one of the most important assets that anyone can have; it is therefore utterly important to invest it wisely. Finally, it is necessary to be aware that work, be it academic or professional, will require a considerable part of our energy, so we must chose knwoledge areas that allow us to show the best we have to give.”