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Carlos Ribeiro distinguished with the Best Internship 2018 award by Ordem dos Engenheiros

by IT on 12-09-2018
The College of Electrical Engineering of the Center Region of the Ordem dos Engenheiros distinguished with the Best Internship 2018 award the internship "Research of Optical Communications: Study of the Inherent Effects to the Transmission of High Debits of Information in Optical Fibers and Optical Processing in Space Communications" carried out by the former student of the University of Aveiro (UA), Carlos Ribeiro.

The Ordem dos Engenheiros enables each new graduate to undertake an internship in their field as a means of joining the Ordem dos Engenheiros as an effective member. The work developed by Carlos Ribeiro was carried out at IT in Aveiro, within the framework of the research projects ONECI, Dineq and BEACON. As a research fellow of these projects between 2015 and 2017, Carlos Ribeiro was supervised by Armando Pinto, a researcher from IT in Aveiro and a Professor of the Department of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics (DETI) of the UA and Miguel Drummond, also a researcher at IT in Aveiro.

According to Carlos Ribeiro “The first stage of the internship focused on the study of unwanted effects for optical systems operating at high speeds under various conditions / propagation characteristics and in the development of a computational platform (a simulator), of coherent systems also operating at high rates - projects ONECI and DiNEq.” The second phase of the internship focused on the main task of the project BEACON, which consisted in the specification of a photonic beamforming system for a phased array antenna receiver, based on self-heterodyne detection, offering the sensitivity of coherent detection and also photonic frequency down-conversion, and testing, validation, and demonstration of the prototype of such a system. “In the near future, through this teamwork, it will thus be possible to apply photonic techniques for the processing of radiofrequency signals in satellite telecommunications”, said Carlos Ribeiro. As a conclusion, the young Engineer also wanted to share this achievement with all those who have collaborated with him over more than 2 years at IT in Aveiro, “especially, I would like to thank my supervisors, Prof. Dr. Armando Pinto and Dr. Miguel Drummond, for the knowledge, encouragement and advice they have always provided me”.

Photo: Carlos Ribeiro (in the middle), receiving the award during the XX Encontro Regional do Engenheiro, which took place on May 26, in Castelo Branco.