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BITalino becomes fully wireless and able to function 24/7

by IT on 04-09-2018
By design, BITalino is a battery-operated device that is not capable of working while charging. This means that, once the battery is depleted, either it needs to be replaced by a charged unit, or the device will have to be “parked” a couple of hours for charging.

Motivated by an installation that required unattended physiological data acquisition nearly 24/7, in a fixed setting and without human intervention for servicing, IT researchers André Manso and Hugo Plácido da Silva modified BITalino to be powered through wireless power transfer instead of a battery. With this approach, the device can operate continuously while guaranteeing the electrical isolation of the user from the mains.

The team then moved on to extend the experiment, further modifying the power management block to enable wireless charging of the battery while the device is being used. This is a particularly advantageous setup given that it makes it possible to continue using the device, even when charging, in a fully wireless manner.