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IT presents new 5G network services at the 3rd NFV Plugtests

on 24-06-2018

... Eduardo Sousa, a researcher from IT in Aveiro (coordinated by Diogo Gomes and Rui Aguiar) was at the the 3rd NFV Plugtests event to present the Network Services (NS) Heimdall Web and Heimdall Hybrid.

These NS allow to accelerate the processing of encrypted traffic (SSL / TLS) that circulates through the network, allowing to perform functions such as caching, anti-virus, compression, among others. Most important, it allows to add / remove new functions without requiring many changes. “The Heimdall Web allows all the traffic to flow into the cloud for processing. The Heimdall Hybrid Web allows part of the functions to be performed on the Edge, since there is traffic that may not even need to be processed in the cloud, with benefits in terms of response time and speed of navigation”, explains Diogo Gomes. Both Heimdall Web and Heimdall Hybrid Web can represent use cases for 5G networks, with large enterprises and telecom operators as potential costumers. Developed by the Telecommunications and Network Group of IT in Aveiro, these NS were developed in an inter-project collaboration (5GinFIRE, Smart Entercom and DEVNF).

The NFV PLUGTESTS are promoted by ETSI with the aim of accelerating the development of the standards that will support 5th generation mobile networks. The 3rd NFV Plugtests event was held in ETSI´s headquarters in Sophia Antipolis, France, from May 29 - June 8.

On the photo (from left to right): Rui Aguiar, Eduardo Sousa and Diogo Gomes