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PASMO, an opportunity for cooperative ITS in the Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2018

by IT on 18-04-2018
The PASMO project, a Platform for the Development of Intelligent Mobility Solutions, was present in the Portugal Smart Cities Summit 2018, held in the Centro de Congressos de Lisboa this April 11-13. Through debates, conferences, exhibitions and the presentation of different solutions, this event promoted the sharing of knowledge about all sectors involving the emerging concept of smart cities, an opportunity to reflect about the future organization of our cities.

Developed by researchers of the Embedded Systems group and the Telecommunications and Networking group, both from IT in Aveiro, PASMO consists of three subsystems that mirror the different layers of intelligent transport systems: data collection (roads, railways and vehicular resources), data transfer (telecommunications and data infrastructure), and applications. These components, with equipment, interfaces and open data, will be integrated and made available for business experimentation, leading to what could be an open innovation ecosystem (Living Lab) in the area of ITS - Intelligent Transport Systems and Services (ITS) in Portugal´s center region. PASMO ( presents an opportunity for companies to collaborate in creating, developing and validating equipment and services, protocols, processes, applications and standards.