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IT research team paves the way for high capacity POF based communication systems

on 13-03-2018

... In project HIPOF, a research team from IT in Aveiro is developing new techniques for processing plastic optical fibers for applications in data networks in buildings and sensors, substantially reducing the time required to connect these fibers.

With the increasing need for greater data transmission capacity between computer and media equipment, such as equipment for future standards of 8K television and virtual reality, the buildings and condominiums´ network infrastructure has to be well prepared. Plastic Optical Fibers (POF) are indicated as the most suitable solution for these high capacity local networks. Due to their robustness, compared to silica fiber, the installation costs would be much lower.

POFs are also a very interesting alternative for the development of high-resolution optical sensors for measurements of temperature, deformation, shape, level and chemical elements.

The main advantages are the immunity to electromagnetic interference, the possibility of incorporating multiple sensors in a single fiber and mechanical resistance when compared with the glass fiber optic sensors.

“We have also developed an innovative technique that allows the production of high-quality optical filters, allowing a considerable increase in the data transmission capacity through the parallelization of data. This technique also makes it possible to substantially improve the technical characteristics of the optical sensors”, says Rogério Nogueira, researcher from IT in Aveiro and the project coordinator.

At the end of the project the research teams is expecting to achieve a new world record of transmission in these fibers.