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IT research team uses light field technology for melanoma detection

on 01-02-2018

... In project Dermopleno a research team from IT in Leiria developed technology that uses advanced medical imaging systems for skin lesion diagnosis and characterization, particularly focusing on the melanoma, known as the deadliest form of skin cancer. Developed by IT, in collaboration with Dermatologists from the Centro Hospitalar de Leiria, the project uses cameras with light field technology, allowing the representation of skin lesions in 3D. According to Sérgio Faria, IT researcher and the coordinator of Dermopleno, this method allows a more accurate diagnosis and, therefore, an early detection of the disease.

Currently, skin lesion diagnosis mainly relies on dermoscopy - a noninvasive technique based on the inspection of 2D images. However, the limited information provided by this type of images is still regarded as a constraint to achieve higher rates of agreement between expert observers, when assessing results of computational methods. In this sense, and through the use of cameras with sensors of 42 megapixels, team Dermopleno collects 3D images that facilitate the reading of transformations occurring in the skin. In addition to image compression without loss of quality, the research team processes the information collected with artificial intelligence algorithms, evaluating the state of the cutaneous lesion, defining, for example, whether it is a benign or malignant cancer.

Still in the process of collecting images, Dermopleno aims to create the world´s first database with light field images of skin lesions to be made publicly available.

When the full scope and objectives of the project are achieved, a new landmark on skin lesion classifications and diagnosis will be reached, ensuring the prevention and appropriate treatment of skin diseases