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Scholarships to train new talents in Quantum Technologies

on 04-09-2017

... In a partnership with the Serviços de Bolsas da Gulbenkian, Yasser Omar, Coordinator of the PIQT - Physics of Information and Quantum Technologies Group from IT in Lisbon, has developed the scholarships program Bolsas Gulbenkian Novos Talentos em Tecnologias Quânticas.

“These scholarships are designed to support undergraduate and masters students (in Physics, Mathematics, Electrical Engineering, Computer Engineering, among others) from Portuguese universities in the development of a small study and research project in quantum computing, quantum communications, metrology and quantum sensors, or other related areas”, explains Yasser Omar.

Students don´t need to have previous knowledge in Physics of Quantum Technologies since the program guarantees they will receive all the necessary training.

“I hope this program will contribute to the development in coming years of Portuguese human resources of excelence in this field of Quantum Technologies”, concludes Yasser Omar.

Applications to admission are open between September 1-27.