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Susana Sargento designated by the Portuguese Government to coordinate the INCoDe.2030

on 01-05-2017

... The Portuguese Government chose Susana Sargento to coordinate the research axis of the national strategy for increasing the Portuguese digital skills. Together with Rodrigo Rodrigues from the IST-UL, Susana Sargento from IT and the University of Aveiro will take on the mission of enhancing the national production of new scientific knowledge through international cooperation.

The several initiatives and goals of the Iniciativa Nacional Competências Digitais e.2030 - Portugal INCoDe.2030 were presented in Lisbon on the last April 3. One of the main goals of this Government initiative is that until 2030 about 90% of the population will have the necessary skills to frequently access and use the internet. Another ambition of the INCode.2030 is that by the year 2030 all national homes will be equipped to access the internet. According to last year´s numbers, 74% of Portuguese households were equipped with internet access, well below the 85% average on the UE.

This invitation is yet another important recognition for Susana Sargento, who last year received the 2016 EU Prize for Woman Innovators.