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Rui Aguiar on the IA Board of the 5G Public Private Partnership

on 10-04-2017

... Following his recent election as the new Chairman of NetWorld2020, Rui Aguiar, from IT and the University of Aveiro, has just been appointed to become a member of the 5G Infrastructure Association (5G IA) Board of the 5G Public Private Partnership – 5G PPP.

The 5G PPP was initiated by the EU Commission together with industry manufacturers, telecommunications operators, service providers, SMEs and researchers. Its mission is to “deliver solutions, architectures, technologies and standards for the ubiquitous next generation communication infrastructures of the coming decade”. With the EU Commission as the public side, the 5G IA represents the private side of the 5G PPP.

According to Rui Aguiar, unlike the academic world´s yet blurred vision of the 5G technology, “in industry there is already a set of clear topics about the first versions of 5G networks”, he says. Thus, while the NetWorld2020 platform is more geared towards the post-2025 technologies, on innovating and disrupting the current models, the IA 5G is more focused on the launching of the first versions of the 5G technology in Europe. Particularly the trial efforts and the European strategic convergence between industry and operators. “The 5G IA is the EU and the European Commission partner for the strategic decisions in the development and field implementation of the new 5G networks, with a profile strongly influenced by the economic interests of the Telecommunications players”, explains Rui Aguiar. As an example of the activities of the 5G IA, Rui Aguiar reveals that “the 5G IA is currently working on the European goal of having 5G coverage in all the European countries, and is also involved in the early trials that are associated with the Winter Olympics and the Soccer World Cup”.

Rui Aguiar believes that his membership in the IA 5G Board represents an opportunity, not only for IT, but also for the national academic and industry communities, to follow up close the launching of the 5G technologies, with facilitating conditions to keep up to date with the state of the art, and acquiring the lessons that derive from these processes.